November 13, 2015

Meet the Team

We make customer service an upmost priority here at iD Works. Our team comes together to provide you with quality products, fast turnaround, and attention to detail. There might not be too many of us, but we sure get a lot done!

Take a moment to meet each of our team members here at iD Works.


General Manager

In 1998, Susanna had the ambition and drive to start a business of her own. Gaining in-depth experience over time, iD Works has been successfully in business for over 17 years. Once called, “Flynn Embroidery”, Susanna managed the shop located in Goleta before relocating to Santa Barbara.

Always with a smile on her face, doing business with Susanna is a pleasure. Her professionalism, excellent organization skills and high standards for quality are always on the top of her list for providing customers with the best service and products possible.

Susanna is a social butterfly who loves to spread her wings. She loves people, music, dancing, and food. When all four are combined, it’s time to start the party!

You can contact Susanna directly at 

Graphic Designer/Assistant Manager

Alexis is our green-haired designer who provides us with all of our graphic needs. Originally from San Clemente, she earned a BFA in Illustration at the Laguna College of Art + Design. Whether you need a logo from scratch, or your design just needs a little freshening up, she is happy to offer her creativity and skills to help realize your project.

To view her illustration portfolio, please visit her website.

You can contact Alexis directly at 

Production Manager

Over the years, Miriam has been a dedicated member of our team here at iD Works.  With an ambitious drive to provide customers with quality prints and embroideries, Miriam works hard to make her customers happy.  Supplying customers with outstanding results is her specialty.

When Miriam isn’t at iD Works, you will find her spending quality time with her husband and two beautiful kids.  She enjoys the beach, going to the zoo, and barbecuing with friends and family.

Production Associate

Always available to help, Fabiola is an integral part of our team. With an eye for detail, she ensures our standards of quality are upheld while maintaining speed and efficiency. She is vital in providing the best customer service we have to offer.

She loves spending her free time surrounded by her family. Some activities she enjoys are taking her son to the zoo, having barbecues at the park with friends, and making memories.


John is our ‘gopher guy’.  He goes for pick-ups, deliveries, obtaining office supplies, etcetera…etcetera…etcetera.  Answering the telephone also falls under his many enjoyable occupations.  John will be more than happy to transfer you to the right person to answer any of your questions.  Although the job might seem difficult, John does it with ease.


In memory of Monty, our lovable mascot and furry shop companion.