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Custom patches are a great way to give a little extra flair to your logo. They are different from “direct” embroidery, where your design is stitched directly into the fabric of your hat or jacket. Patches are standalone items, which can either be sold individually, or attached to apparel for a retro look.

Most patches come with iron-on backing.

Custom patches require 4-5 weeks to produce.

Embroidered patches are cloth badges, with a design stitched into the fabric using thread. Historically, these were done by hand. Technology has improved, so we don’t have to make these one at a time anymore – but they still give your logo a classy, vintage look.

Minimum Order

We require a minimum order of 30 embroidered patches. All patches must feature the same exact design/colors.

We unfortunately do not offer individual name patches, unless you plan to order 30+ per name.


Often, we must increase the text size of your logo for it to translate to embroidery.

The minimum height for each letter must be 4mm tall, and the column thickness of each letter stroke must be 1mm thick
You can read more about embroidery limitations on our Embroidery page.

If your logo has many fine details, we may instead recommend Woven Patches (see below)

Woven patches are made by tightly weaving fine colored thread into cloth. Your logo is embedded into the weave of the fabric. Woven patches give a sleek, modern look.

Minimum Order

We require a minimum order of 100 woven patches

Woven Vs. Embroidery

Woven patches have a smooth, flat surface.

Embroidered patches have a dimensional surface, the thread used is much thicker and makes your logo pop out of the fabric.

We recommend woven patches for complex artwork, and especially small text. It captures fine details much better than embroidery.

For a more rugged look, we also make patches using Faux Leather with your design embossed (stamped) into the surface. Perfect if you want a vintage, hand-crafted flair.

Minimum Order

We require a minimum order of 100 faux-leather patches

Sublimated Patches feature a clean printed design, with an embroidered border. Because the design is printed, we can achieve complex artwork with shading, gradients, and fine details.

Minimum Order

We require a minimum order of 30 sublimated patches

We have a specialized industrial sewing machine, which we used to sew patches onto hats, tough jackets, and more.

Please feel free to bring us patches that need to be sewn onto your items – even if you didn’t order the patches from us 😉 We are happy to help. We accommodate single item orders.