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Graphic Design

Need help with artwork? We have a full-time graphic designer on board to assist you! From typography & simple logos, to full-fledged illustrations, we can cater to a wide range of needs.

If you are interested in our Graphic Design services, you can submit pre-existing artwork using our Request a Quote page, or contact our graphic designer Alexis directly at .

We can create quality designs from scratch.
Even if all you have is a rough idea, we can build polished logos from the ground up.

We can clean up pre-existing drawings.
If you have a drawing on paper, but need it in digital form, we got you covered. We’re also able to digitally clean up designs– stray pencil marks, misspellings, all sorts of smaller edits.

We can add color to your logo.
Have a black and white design? A drawing that needs a little life? We can easily infuse it with color to make it pop.

We offer a Logo Repair Service.
If your pre-existing logo is outdated, poor quality, or generally needs a little updating, we can give it a fresh face.

We can convert your image into Vector format.
Not sure what a Vector image is? Read more about it here on our FAQ.
We’re able to convert your logo into an infinitely scalable Vector image, used for Screen Printing and Heat Transfers.