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Embroidery is a type of fabric decoration that uses thick thread to stitch your design into fabric. Embroidered designs have a dimensional look, and add a level of professionalism.

We keep it local – all embroidery is done in-house at iD Works.

Most orders can be fulfilled within 4-5 business days.

We can translate your logo into a custom embroidery!

One-Time Setup Fee

Our embroidery machines use a special file format, so we must first convert your logo into a stitch file. This includes a setup fee, which will only need to be charged on your first order.

We accept artwork of all file types to use for conversion, including JPG, PNG, GIF, and more.
However, vector images formats are preferred: AI, EPS, PDF

No Minimums

We do not require order minimums – even 1 item is OK!
We offer quantity breaks so we do recommend aiming for 12+ items.

Quick Turnaround

We can finish most orders within 4-5 business days

We have a selection of fonts ready to use for names, initials, numbers, or short phrases.

No set-up fees

If you select from one of the fonts displayed below, there will be no setup fees.
If you want a specific font not displayed below, we will need to treat it like a custom logo

No minimums

Only have 1 item? No problem!

Extra fast turnaround

If you only have a couple items, we can finish them in 1-2 business days

Monogram - Embroidered Initials

script.embroidery plain.embroidery

Color Matching

If you provide us with Pantone values, we are able to color match your logo to the best of our abilities. Note that thread options are limited, so we may not have an exact match for every color.

3D Puff Foam

We are able to add 3D Puff Foam to your embroidery. This gives your design a fun, dimensional 3D look. This is best used for simple logos with thick letters.

Metallic Thread

We have many metallic, pearlescent, and even glow-in-the-dark thread options

Embroidered Patches

Patches differ from “direct” embroidery, where your design is stitched directly into the fabric. Patches are standalone items, and can be sold individually, or attached to apparel for a retro look.

Please see our Patches page for more information.

There are some limitations that come with embroidery, and we may need to make alterations to your logo before we can use it.

We suggest Heat Transfers as an alternative to complex designs that cannot be accomplished using embroidery.

Minimum Text Size

Often we must alter the text size of logos before we can translate it to embroidery.

      • Height: Please ensure each letter (including lower case letters) is at least 4mm tall
      • Thickness: The column thickness of each letter stroke must be at least 1mm thick

Fabric Types

We are able to embroider fuzzy items, like fleece or terry. This type of fabric will affect the clarity of your design.

We cannot embroider through extremely dense material, like genuine leather, thick vinyl, or cardboard. Some faux leathers will work, but not all.

Heavy duty canvas is usually OK. However, if your item is very heavy or bulky we may need to charge extra.


Color Gradients

We are not able to achieve full, smooth color gradients where one color blends into another.

Gradients will have a choppier look when done using embroidery, as we optically replicate the blend by overlaying thread colors. The larger the area, the smoother the color transition.